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It's never been easier to rent fashion

Mix and match with Compare Ethics and Wear The Walk. Rent pieces from sustainable fashion designers and buy your every day everyday ethical fashion in one place.

Georgina Wilson-Powell 18 February 2019

There's power in collaboration, which is why it's so good to see two of our favourite ethical fashion providers teaming up. Compare Ethics is working with fashion sample rental service, Wear The Walk, on a collection that can be rented alongside its other brands to purchase.

The launch curation includes womenswear from emerging designers such as Starsica, Yufash Baue, Mariana Jungmann (read our interview with Mariana Jungmann here). These can all be teamed up with Compare Ethics' sustainable trailblazers including WYNAD Clothing, Good Krama, Gung Ho and more.

Abbie Morris, Co-founder and CEO at Compare Ethics says “We know that 100 billion items of clothing are being produced annually and that 50% of fast fashion will be chucked away within a year. The fashion system is broken. This system is breaking communities and the planet too. We need access to new garments that are made better, with positive impact front of mind. To complement this, we need new business models to facilitate change. Rental is
fabulous for this, the very virtue of sharing the item with others means we can make less and reduce waste within the system. Wear the Walk as leaders of chic rental are a natural partner to launch this new era of our platform.”

Zoe Partridge, Founder at Wear the Walk says: “Amongst millennials, we are seeing an emphasis on “access over ownership”, which is what makes the market conditions so ripe for a rental model. The sustainable fashion movement has gained significant momentum over the past year and now dictates one of the primary buying motivation of Gen Y and millennials. The sharing economy facilitates the growth of smaller brands through the access it provides to consumers, it’s our belief that the sharing economy democratises a once heavily elitist industry and enables the everyday girl, and the next generation of luxury consumers to consume brands that were once the preserve of the catwalks, photo shoots and those with big enough bank balances.”

Now you can rent something special, team it with organic and Fairtrade fashion to keep and switch up your clothes - and all just in time for London Fashion Week. It's never been easier to flex those ethical fashion muscles, no matter what the occasion.

Check out Compare Ethics' x Wear the Walk's rental collection here.

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Georgina Wilson-Powell 18 February 2019

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