Could you be the first ever wetsuit recycler?

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Could you be the first ever wetsuit recycler?


Sustainable British surf brand Finisterre are recruiting for the world's first wetsuit recycler, with the aim of developing a range of wetsuits made from wetsuits, closing the loop on this environmental problem.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Wed 2 Aug 2017

Most surfers replace their wetsuits every two years, according to British surf brand Finisterre. In the UK alone this is enough to fill 30 double decker buses with wetsuits that no one really has any idea what to do with.

Finisterre's founder Tom Kay is recruiting for the first ever Wetsuit Recycler. It's a research and development position supported by the University of Exeter, with the goal of making wetsuits from wetsuits and bringing about positive change on a huge scale.

Finisterre #wetsuitsfromwetsuits surf brand
Finisterre #wetsuitsfromwetsuits surf brand

Image Finisterre is committed to finding new ways forward in fabric that don't harm the planet

“This is a genuinely pioneering position and success is not guaranteed. We are looking for somebody with an inquisitive mind who can challenge the status quo, whilst being supported by a leading scientific institution", explains Kay. "It’s a very exciting opportunity, bringing together innovation and sustainability, with the aim of addressing a huge environmental problem.”

The successful candidate will work with the surfing, manufacturing and recycling industries over two years and be based with Finisterre at St Agnes in Cornwall.

Applications for the full time position have to be in by 4 September. Think you've got what it takes? Apply away.