Could you build an igloo in the French Alps?

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Could you build an igloo in the French Alps?


Undertake a new eco-challenge this winter that pits you against the snow, to see if you can build an igloo from scratch on a remote slope of the Alps and sleep in it overnight.

Alice Pritchard

Fri 29 Sept 2017

Tour company Undiscovered Mountains has teamed up with ethical tourism charity Tourism Concern and will donate €50 for every group that completes the snowy mission.

With more people looking to stay in eco-friendly accommodation and the French Alps looking to diversify its activities to make tourism more sustainable in the mountains, an igloo building adventure is a new way to explore the mountains and get away from the tourist traps.

igloo building in the Alps with Undiscovered Mountains

Igloo builders need to consider different locations, snow conditions and building techniques to be successful

“We chose to use an igloo expedition for our eco-challenge as we strive to promote Alps-based activities outside of ski resorts, which develop a broader tourism economy in the local area. Additionally, the igloo expedition utilises natural resources and survival skills allowing participants to get in touch with nature and truly appreciate the Alpine environment,” explains Sally Guillaume, Director of Undiscovered Mountains.

The Undiscovered Mountains Eco-Challenge is now available to book via Undiscovered Mountains. The challenge can be included as part of any Undiscovered Mountains winter activity package, or alternatively Undiscovered Mountains can offer a tailor-made trip with the eco-challenge included. Trips will be taking place through the winter 2017/18 season.