Did you know Lake Como has gone electric?

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Did you know Lake Como has gone electric?


Italy’s iconic Lake Como is to become the first integrated electric destination in Europe that will combine charging points for electric cars, boats and bikes.

Alice Pritchard

Wed 12 Jul 2017

Around the 170kms loop of Italy's Lake Como, 19 Tesla created charging points have been installed that allow visitors to explore the classic Italian summer destination by electric bike or car, without adding any pollution. Electric boats are being built to complete the clean energy triptych.

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Launched by the lake’s largest network of historic hotels and gardens, the Grandi Giardini Italiani, (many of whom have already integrated sustainable measures into their properties to protect the 124 heritage gardens around the lake), Como - the Electric Lake was founded by Judith Wade. It hopes to be a beacon for tourist destinations who want to promote electric transport alternatives.

It seems only fitting that Lake Como is the pioneer of such a project, it’s also the birthplace of physicist Alessandro Volta, who invented the electric battery.