Get hornï to save the rhinos

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Get hornï to save the rhinos


Pants that pack a punch? That's what new brand hornï brings to the table. Designed to funnel 10% of pre tax profits into rhino conservation, there are three styles of boxers for men and one for women.

Alice Pritchard

Mon 15 May 2017

A line of T-shirts and more women's styles are on the horizon and all of the products have been made in certified eco-friendly factories using sustainably sourced materials. Raising awareness, and perhaps even temperatures, is at the heart of this brand's eco-mission - there are only 30,000 rhinos left in the wild - under 6,000 of those are the stately black rhino.

Black rhino at Sabi Sands Reserve in South Africa

hornï is more than it seems at first glance - it's an anagram of rhino

Founder Riz Khan covered rhino poaching and conservation efforts in his previous role as an international journalist and news presenter for Al Jazeera English. He came up with the idea nearly 10 years but decided a couple of years ago to swap undercover reportage for underwear.