Hold onto your hats: An ethical wedding just got easier

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Hold onto your hats: An ethical wedding just got easier


Sustainable wedding service platform, Sinclair & Saffron, wants to revolutionise the wedding process.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Thu 14 Feb 2019

Ever thought how much waste one wedding generates? Think of all the food waste, the paper, plastic, brand new everything…each British wedding generates a whopping 18kgs of waste. 

New platform Sinclair & Saffron want to tackle the overuse of single use and general unsustainability of the wedding service market.

Launching on Valentine’s Day, they’ve found that two out of five engaged couples are thinking about how they can reduce waste over their wedding but previously there has been no one stop shop for wedding services that focus on ethical and sustainable suppliers.

Each wedding supplier on site has been handpicked for their green credentials and commitment to minimal waste and there’s a real focus on independent, small businesses that are fantastic at what they do.

Image Sinclair & Saffron are looking to make your wedding as green and gorgeous as possible

Whether you’re looking for a beautiful hand-cast engagement and wedding rings made by an independent jeweller in London or a made to order feminine yet modern wedding dress from a small atelier in Portugal - Sinclair & Saffron have everything you could need for your day.

In an economy where one in three millennials will never own their own home, Sinclair & Saffron believe that weddings shouldn’t cost the earth. Figuratively or literally.