How deep is your love for the ocean?

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How deep is your love for the ocean?


When Blue Planet II came onto our TV screens last autumn, it sparked a conversation about the impact our behaviour on land has on the marine environment. The future of the ocean is under threat, and the packaging you choose plays a role. So what do you look for in your packaging?

Alice Pritchard

Thu 12 Apr 2018

Friends of Glass' 'Endless Ocean' campaign wants to understand how we feel towards the environment influences our packaging choices

Do you choose cans over plastic bottles when grabbing a drink? Do you choose glass jars over plastic packets in the supermarket? How much does price drive your daily decisions?

We want to know!

Tell us your thoughts through this quick reader survey (before 20 April 2018) - and you could win one of five prizes of £20 of Amazon vouchers.

How deep is your love for the ocean? Friends of glass campaign

Fill in the quick reader survey and let us know how you feel about packaging, plastic and the ocean

Why is packaging so important?

Our oceans are under threat and the packaging you choose plays a role. 

In 2015, across the EU, 19% of all packaging was plastic - generating 15.8 million tonnes of it. At a time when we're worried about the impact of microplastics in our food chains and the sheer amount of plastic in the seas, we need to be considering what we can do through the stuff we buy to reduce the amount of plastic.

Glass is unrivalled in its sustainability credentials: it is endlessly recyclable and unlike other packaging materials, glass doesn’t release harmful chemicals into the environment. Friends of Glass is a community that appreciates the unique quality of glass as a packaging material and wants to highlight how it can play a role in stopping the plastic tide.

Want to have your say - fill in the quick reader survey before 20th April 2018.