How Hay Festival is taking on the world

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How Hay Festival is taking on the world


In the next six months Wales’ much loved Hay Festival will be running international festival editions in five countries, to inspire people to imagine the world that they want to see.

Alice Pritchard

Thu 13 Jul 2017

Taking in Peru, Spain, Denmark, Mexico and Colombia, the festival will bring together authors, politicians, scientists, thinkers and musicians to exchange ideas.

The eighth installment of Hay Festival in Mexico (this year held in Querétaro) will focus on US policy, climate change and free speech. The Spanish edition, held in Segovia will concentrate on the power of storytelling, discuss the role of modern cities and throw a spotlight on how we can respond better to the global challenges of our time. The Danish festival in Aarhus will focus on children’s literature.

Image Photography | Joaquin Sarimento, Daniel Mordzinksi

The festival is also celebrating its 30th birthday with two strands of international programming. 30 REFORMATIONS is inspired by the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s theological revolution and HAY 30 brings together some of the brightest minds across science, the arts and activism under 30.

Find the festival dates and more on Hay Festival Reimagines the World on the website.