How This Sushi Selling Smart Fridge Is Saving Food From Waste

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How This Sushi Selling Smart Fridge Is Saving Food From Waste


Smart fridges aren't just for kitchens. This Karma powered one helps saves sushi from the bin and saves you money.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Tue 14 Jan 2020

Kicking off 2020 as a year of action, food waste app Karma, has installed the first smart fridge in a London food hall where you can pick up surplus food at the end of the day.

The Japan Centre Ichiba in London are the first place in the UK to install the Karma Electrolux fridge, where hungry diners can use the app to unlock the fridge and pick up sushi that otherwise would be leftover.

Karma smart fridge in Japan centre
Karma smart fridge at Japan Centre

Image Use the Karma app and unlock the smart fridge for sushi at the Japan Centre

“As one of London’s best retail and dining concepts, we are so excited to be bringing the Karma fridge to Japan Centre Ichiba. 

We know their customers, and Londoners in general, are avid foodies, digitally-savvy and environmentally conscious, so it’s the perfect home for the UK’s first ever Karma fridge,” says Hjalmar Ståhlberg Nordegren, CEO and co-founder of Karma.

The restaurant industry's surplus food sits at around 22% of the UK’s total amount of food waste each year, and convenience food and takeaways make up a large part of that. 

“Finding solutions that promote a more sustainable way of consuming food is part of our company ethos. For Japan Centre Ichiba, the partnership with a start-up like Karma, who are experts on food waste, is a powerful way of making an impact on the food industry,” said Tak Tokumine, CEO at Japan Centre Group.

Combatting food waste in, and out of home, is a key action in tackling the Climate Emergency, because the less we waste, the less energy, water and land we’re wasting growing food destined for the bin.

Keen to pick up sushi and not see it in the bin? Download Karma and check out the UK’s first smart fridge and other restaurants, cafes and food halls where you can use the app. PLUS get £7 off your first meal with Karma.

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