How to get foraged herbs delivered to your door

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How to get foraged herbs delivered to your door


Our love of food subscription boxes has finally reached its peak. It's now combined with a booming interest in foraging for herbs and plants - and we love it.

A weekly Forager Wild Veg Box, containing seasonal wild produce, is the perfect introduction for people who want to eat more wild food and don't know their nettles from their deadly nightshade.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Wed 23 May 2018

The Wild Veg Box from Forager Ltd is packed with seasonal British wild ingredients like stinging nettles, dandelion, sorrel - all of which are delicious but very few people know how to cook with them. 

Included in each box is information and instructions for cooking with wild plants plus there are instructional videos on Forager's YouTube channel and there's a podcast to come. The weekly boxes will also include the odd preserved goody like lacto-fermented wild greens and dried seaweed. 

So why is a box like this a great idea?

We need to diversify people - not just in how we live and connect, but also in how we eat. Wild foraging and cooking gives fuels us with something no supermarket can provide. 

The Forager box and its contents come in plastic free packaging and tap into a growing dissatisfaction with modern food systems with its monocrops and industrial farming and the amount of waste they cause. Foraged food skirts all of those issues and embraces a more diverse, plant based, seasonal diet.

Miles Irving said: "For us, wild food is a very powerful way to reconnect people with land, and in doing so to provide all sorts of benefits to physical, mental, emotional and community health. 

It is also a way to change peoples' perspective of and engagement with green spaces; whether they be parks, rare habitats or more common place scrappy bits of land that have reverted to wildness through neglect."

Discover a world of wild food through a foraged herb box delivered to your door

Chef Marx Hix has said: "If you like the idea of foraging and don't live in the countryside or don't know what to look for in the woods or hedgerows then Forager should be your first port of call. Wild food is the way forward for flavour, vitamins and nutrients."

Forager has been supplying Hix's restaurants plus The Ivy and Heston Blumenthal's Fat Duck and Forager's chief forager, Miles Irving, wrote The Forager Handbook, which has been called the 'Bible of foraging'.