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5 Ways To Virtually Get Involved In Fashion Revolution Week

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5 Ways To Virtually Get Involved In Fashion Revolution Week


Fashion Revolution Week takes place for the seventh year running shortly. The grassroots, positive fashion campaign asks you to look beyond the label, think about ethical fashion and ask #whomademyclothes.

    Georgina Wilson-Powell

    Tue 14 Apr 2020

    What is Fashion Revolution Week?

    Fashion Revolution Week is the not for profit, global movement that was started after the Rana Plaza disaster. It pushes for positive change all year long, and encourages people away from feeling guilty and towards feeling empowered to help make fashion a force for good.

    On 23rd April 2013, the Rana Plaza disaster in Bangladesh, became a focal point for fashion activists trying to get consumers to think about who makes our clothes and in what conditions.

    Over 1,100 people - mostly women - died in the building's collapse and it became a wake up call for an entire generation of fashion designers, producers, journalists and lovers.

    Seven years on the Fashion Revolution Week campaign (20-26 April 2020), united with the hashtag #whomademyclothes, is focusing on those fashion brands that STILL aren't treating garment workers right - even with the impact of Covid-19.

    #imadeyourclothes is the hashtag for ethical producers and fashion designers for Fashion Revolution Week

    What will you do for Fashion Revolution Week this year?

    Even though we're all stuck at home and can't attend the kind of events we're used to around this great annual campaign (and we're missing our pebblefest events!) there are still lots of ways to help Fashion Revolution Week's campaign to raise awareness around #whomademyclothes.

    5 Ways To Virtually Get Involved In Fashion Revolution Week

    1. Write an email to your favourite fashion brand

    Use this time to challenge and ask for transparent information when it comes to fast fashion brands and their supply chains and sustainable policies. Fashion Revolution have simple email templates where you just fill in your details and you can also share those actions on social media as well. The more we ask, challenge and raise expectations of global brands, the faster they will have to change. The power is in your pocket. Check out this free guide as well for lots of follow up questions around specific topics in fashion.

    2. Take the #haulternative challenge

    Many of us working in the ethical space, have given up shopping from fast fashion or unethical brands, once you know how much damage they're doing, it feels uncomfortable to support them. Want to take the #haulternative challenge? Shout about what you're doing to not shop new, from secondhand finds, making and mending your old clothes, clothes swaps (once we can meet again) or other DIY fashion hacks you're working on. Share using the #haulternative tag.

    who made my clothes question

    Do you know who made your clothes? Because someone - not a machine - did.

    3. Attend an online Fashion Revolution event

    There are many, many virtual events happening to talk about ethical fashion, the current challenges and how we fix our broken global fashion system. Find some that suit you on the Fashion Revolution calendar. We are involved in the Ethical Brands For Fashion Revolution series of webinars from 20-26 April, kicking off with moderating a panel on Big Brands and Fashion Revolution at 3pm on Monday 20th. Get your webinar ticket here.

    4. Support an ethical fashion brand

    Life is not easy for small independent ethical fashion brands right now, many of whom can't produce and manufacture the clothes they want to. Find some of our favourite ethical fashion brands in our A-Z Guide to Ethical Fashion Brands on the download below, keep reading our Friday pebble post for the LUST LISTS for new ethical brands or check out our massive new guide to all the sustainable shoe brands.

    Free A-Z Guide to Ethical Fashion

    Find 26 ethical fashion brands to kickstart your ethical fashion journey.

    Download now

    5. Get social

    From tagging Instagram posts asking brands you're wearing #whomademyclothes to sharing resources, talking to friends and sharing ideas of how to reduce your fast fashion consumption, we've all got the power to spread and share Fashion Revolution's call to arms. Tag us in as well and we'll share our favourites. Check out Fashion Revolution for assets and more info.

    Learn to upcycle and recycle your clothes for Fashion Revolution Week

    Pop down to Love Not Landfill to swish and swap your clothes and get fashion advice on the spot

    5 quick reasons why we need a fashion revolution

    • Global fashion production has doubled since 2000
    • A garment is worn just 4 times on average
    • British women hoard on average just under £300 of clothing they never wear
    • 95% of clothing can’t be recycled
    • Out of 219 mainstream fashion brands only 12% could demonstrate that they paid their garment workers a fair wage.

    What is ethical fashion?

    Check out our resources and beginners' guide to learn about what is and isn't ethical when it comes to fashion.

    What’s Wrong With Fast Fashion? Our 5 Min Guide Will Catch You Up

    What Makes A Fashion Brand Ethical? Here's Everything You Need To Consider

    The Best Ethical Clothing Brands - 20 for 2020

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