How to give a coffee cup a second chance

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How to give a coffee cup a second chance


While seven million coffee cups are ditched daily (with less than 1% being recycled), environmental charity Hubbub has been busy working out what to do with the hard to recycle cups it collected over five months in Manchester last year.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Mon 24 Jul 2017

30,000 coffee cups went to recycling company Simply Cups. Bird feeders, plantpot holders and chalkboards all came back - designed by eco product design company ashortwalk.

All the items have all been donated to use in Old Trafford’s Centenary Gardens in Manchester. The project proves that notoriously difficult to recycle coffee cups can be given #1MoreShot and be made into something useful. #1MoreShot was the pioneering project to find new ways to use the mixed plastic-paper content of coffee cups.

Hubbub collecting coffee cups in Manchester

7 million coffee cups are used every day and throw away

Gavin Ellis, Co-founder of Hubbub said: “It was wonderful to see how the people of Manchester embraced the idea of recycling their coffee cups last year and it’s a real pleasure to donate the end results back to the city’s green spaces. What started as a small trial in Manchester has now resulted in almost 1.5 million cups being recycled since April this year in London and we’re set to expand to other cities across the UK and overseas. And coffee cup recycling lives on in Manchester with our recycling partner Simply Cups recently announcing plans for expansion in the city.”