If Ikea made gardens…

Georgina Wilson-Powell

5 September 2017

Half the problem with getting into gardening is having the space to get started. City dwellers are squeezed into smaller and smaller spaces and 'an outside' is at a premium. Growmore is a modular vertical gardening system that is bolted together from a flatpack.

Harnessing the interest in the maker movement and in growing your own food, the Growmore system is available to anyone who want to build a vertical or 3D garden in any shape. The rounded building slats can be pivoted in any direction to create living walls and pyramids to suit any size space. Each pack comes with a watering system enabling you to grow veggies or flowers.

The six piece modular urban gardening system was designed by Danish duo Husum & Lindholm Architects. To showcase the potential of the system, they have created spherical gardens or ‘small nests’ at the Seoul Architecture Biennale this month. They're showcasing three different designs where people can pause and sit inside a cascade of plants and reconnect with nature, even in an urban environment.

Druiz Growmore Pebble Magazine2

Each modular garden is made from six easily assembled slats and bolts

Photography | Daniel Ruiz

Architect, Sine Lindholm says, “Architecture does not have to be so static; mass media is a good example of this. We want to create architecture on a human-level, that is easy to understand, and gives a possibility for the user to be creative and playful and to create their own personal version.”

Later this year the architects will release the plans so that anyone can download them and make it themselves.

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