If you go down to the woods today...

Tackling the issue of litter in Britain’s ancient woodlands, the TrashConverter van has pulled up at the Forest of Dean as part of a Love Your Forest initiative. National environment charity Hubbub has designed the van that’ll swap rubbish for food and flowers as the latest installment of its drive to change behaviour through quirky campaigns.

Jesse Dodd 15 May 2017


Covered in hundreds of flowers made from trash, the van will be in the Forest of Dean until 28 May to remind people not to drop their rubbish. Guests can swap their plastic rubbish for hot drinks, snacks or flowers.

While most people view littering as anti-social and even old-fashioned, it’s still a big problem in Britain’s most beautiful areas. Over 250 tonnes of rubbish are dumped in the forest each year and it takes generations to break down. A single crisp packet can take up to 80 years to biodegrade.

Hubbub Trashconverter Pebble Magazine1

The van's surrounded by a carpet of pretty trash flowers

Paul Box

Hubbub, Lucozade Ribena Suntory, Forest of Dean District Council, Foresters Forest, The Wye Valley and Forest of Dean Tourism Association and the Forestry Commission have all joined forces to change visitors’ behaviour this year, after Hubbub’s last Love Your Forest campaign reduced litter by 30%.

If it’s successful, the van will head out on tour later in the year.

Jesse Dodd 15 May 2017


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