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Is this the most eco-friendly night’s sleep ever?

A duvet made from plastic bottles and a cardboard bed? Eco-innovations are coming thick and fast in the good night’s sleep industry. We look at whether this could be the most eco-friendly way to bed down…

Georgina Wilson-Powell 25 April 2018

Every second worldwide, 1,500 plastic bottles end up in landfill. But now you could be sleeping under them instead.

The Fine Bedding Company has launched a 100% recycled ECO duvet - made entirely from recycled plastic bottles.

Each medium weight double duvet contains 120 plastic bottles which have been broken down to soft micro fine fibres and respun. It also has a recycled fabric cover, recycled cardboard packaging and recycled plastic inner bag.

Add to this exciting development, the arrival of the first ever cardboard bed. 

It's not an April’s Fools from IKEA but an actual product; the corrugated cardboard bed from Happy Beds uses 70% recycled cardboard and 100% of it can be recycled when you’re done.

The concertina design makes it easy to put together - there’s no grappling with heavy metal frames or ending up with bits left over after a flatpack trial. And there’s no plastic here at all. 

The Room in a Box cardboard bed can be moved easily for storage issues and comes in four brilliant colours.

So...does your bed need a bit of an eco-makeover?

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Georgina Wilson-Powell 25 April 2018