Is this the next step in the wardrobe rental revolution?

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Is this the next step in the wardrobe rental revolution?


The circular economy has never looked so good. Sharing is caring but it's also financially savvy when you've got thousands of pounds of designer gear ready to be borrowed. Say hello to Our Closet.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Wed 5 Dec 2018

Apparently we've got between a quarter and third of our wardrobes that we never wear. But what if you could make money from your designer purchases that you don't wear everyday and dive in and out of fashionistas' wardrobes digitally at the same time? Interested?

Say hello to Our Closet - a designer clothing rental service that puts a new spin on peer to peer lending.

And say goodbye to buying luxury items for a special occasion that's essentially then dead money - and the guilt of fast fashion purchasing.

Our Closet - rent out your designer items

Image Our Closet opens up designer wardrobes all over the UK for a sharing revolution

Our Closet work with an array of fashionistas and rent our their items to members, essentially creating one massive digital wardrobe that you can borrow items from. 

Lenders can rent out bags, accessories themselves or lend them to Our Closet to manage on their behalf. Those handbag 'investment purchases' have never looked so good.

Renters get the joy of switching up styles and wardrobes, indulging in designer fashion without the sky-high price tag and can bask in the glow that they're not contributing to the shocking amount of clothes that are brought, worn and discarded.

Our Closet's Borrowers have been carefully vetted in terms of ID and address and Lenders can be covered by insurance and the team reckon each item makes money from its fifth outing.

When we started window shopping, items ready to be borrowed included designer wedding dresses and items from Givenchy, Dior, Alexander McQueen, Karl Lagerfeld and more. 

Preloved has never looked so proud.

Start renting and shopping at Our Closet.