Isn't it about time you explored Europe by train?

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Isn't it about time you explored Europe by train?


Leaving behind the timetable shambles of the UK's rail network, cast your eye over the Channel and have a rethink about how you feel about rail. The Great Train Comparison report from Loco2, compares Europe's train lines and finds they hit the spot for eco-friendly, reasonably priced adventures.

    Alice Pritchard

    Sun 3 Jun 2018

    Loco2, the UK and European train booking app, has published the first Great Train Comparison report. 

    The report looks at 150 train carriers across Europe and how they stack up on a number of factors, from ease and speed to travelling with pets, disabled access and eco-friendly policies.

    pebble's editor, Georgina Wilson-Powell, was involved in the latter category. 

    She says, “It is encouraging to see that some European rail companies are now becoming serious about tracking carbon dioxide emissions and recycling waste. It’s also good to note that there are now more opportunities to buy organic, Fairtrade and locally sourced food at railway stations and on trains. 

    I still think there needs to be more communication to consumers on the various environmental policies of each train operator because these highlight the lighter impact on the planet that travelling by train has."

    Overall, the Loco2 report highlighted three operators that went above and beyond - the Swiss national rail operator (known as SBB, CFF or FFS), German rail operator Deutsche Bahn and ÖBB Austrian Railways.

    Loco2's Great Train Comparison Report - Swiss trains are best

    The Great Train Comparison report concluded that Swiss operated trains are Europe's best

    Foe eco-traveller, the report highlights how much potential travelling by train around Europe has.

    (Click here for our top 5 European options for a train travel city break).

    European trains can be relied on to carry bicycles for that long dreamed of two wheel adventure, usually without any hassle.

    "When I returned from my last long-distance cycle to Nordkapp in northern Norway, I was able to take my bicycle on a dozen trains from Scandinavia right through Germany to a port on the Dutch coast without any hassle," says Andrew P Sykes, author of Crossing Europe on a Bike Called Reggie.

    "It wasn’t even necessary to book bicycle space in advance. Joined-up thinking is key and where it has taken place, travelling with your bicycle on a train can often be, well, as easy as riding a bike!”

    The food has improved recently in many on board restaurant cars too.

    The report highlights Czech, Swiss and German trains especially for offering local, seasonal and organic options often with reasonably priced wine lists.

    Train travel also allows for some quiet me time and meditation - never underestimate the power of staring out the window and watching the landscape change around you.

    So what are you waiting for? Isn't it time you booked a trip by train?

    Find Loco2's Great Train Comparison report here.

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