It's time for Tahiti

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It's time for Tahiti


Tahiti’s Taputapuatea marae, on the island of Raiatea, has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status. While all of Tahiti is mind-blowingly vibrant, the rocky peak of Taputapuatea marae, has history and sculptures dating back thousands of years.

Alice Pritchard

Wed 23 Aug 2017

An ancient sacred site, Taputapuatea marae is where ceremonies took place before Europeans arrived. Sailors would gather here to learn ocean navigation, make sacrifices to the gods and learn about their place in the universe. At one point it was the spiritual heart of a culture that spanned from New Zealand to Hawaii. This huge mountain has become a symbol in Polynesian culture for the kind of strength found within nature. It is the embodiment of ‘mana’ for many islanders. 

Image Photography | Chris McLennan & Tim McKenna

Tahiti and the Polynesian people will use the new status to bring more eco-friendly tourism to these lush and vibrant islands. On the island of Raiatea, if you’re not wandering around open mouthed at its beauty, then you can explore hiking trails up to the volcanic tip of Mount Tapioi or the cobalt blue lagoons. Dive shipwrecks, sail to nearby islands like Bora Bora or just chill out with some of the friendliest people on earth.

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