Mind the mountains: it’s the Kendal Mountain Festival

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Mind the mountains: it’s the Kendal Mountain Festival


Are those mountains calling your name this winter? One of the UK’s gateway towns to the Lake District, Kendal, will host its annual Mountain Festival next month. It attracts some of the best adventurers, explorers, climbers and outdoorsy folk in the business.

Alice Pritchard

Mon 23 Oct 2017

Kendal Mountain Festival wants to inspire people to explore and enjoy the wilderness, mountain landscapes and their cultures and this year it has a snowy peak full of international speakers and film-makers who will encourage you to do more, climb higher and achieve what you previously thought was impossible.

For climbers Adam Ondra is a living legend - he’s here speaking about his experiences, as is mountaineer Paul Ramsden. Mark Beaumont, he of cycling round the world in 80 days fame, will be talking but it’s not all about extreme experiences, Christopher Somerville, author of The Times Britain’s Best Walks', talks about his new book, 'The January Man’

Kendal Mountain Festival

It's more fun in the mountains - the Kendal Mountain Festival isn't just for hardcore explorers

As this is about getting active, obviously there are plenty of events to get stuck into. Runners can try their hand at fell running or a 10k trail run, there are outdoor swimming sessions with some of the best wild swimmers in the world, like Beth French, and the festival’s famous Bike Night - for all things on two wheels.

Be captivated by the majesty of the outdoors with documentaries and films and then get out there supported by some of the best explorers in the world. There are accommodation options for all budgets and there’s even well organised childcare.

The Kendal Mountain Festival takes place from 16-19 November and tickets can be purchased here.