Narchie: New App For Preloved Homewares Launches

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Narchie: New App For Preloved Homewares Launches


Want an easy place to find secondhand homeware? Enter Narchie, the new app launching this November. Here's how it could reinvent the way we shop for home decor.

Francesca Brooking

Wed 27 Apr 2022

Reducing waste at home applies to your homewares too and new social marketplace app, Narchie, has stepped in to help you rehome preloved furniture and shop for products too.

In an effort to crackdown on the amount of furniture and homewares thrown away, Narchie’s app promotes a more circular, sustainable and convenient lifestyle.

Here’s what it is and how it works.

A living room with a sofa, cushions plants and small table

Narchie is the place to find homewares you'll love for years

How does the Narchie app work?

Much like popular secondhand clothing marketplaces, Narchie, is a social platform that allows homewares sellers and shoppers to connect all on one platform.

Narchie aims to make its shopping experience easy and inspiring as you can search for specific items, sellers, styles and more rather than hopping from site to site or endlessly scrolling.

You’ll be able to find a whole range of preloved, indie and handmade items from furniture to soft furnishings and more.

You’ll be able to browse the home feed, follow your favourite sellers, save items for later and discover products you might not normally have come across otherwise.

Narchie is also the place to sell your secondhand items if you’re having a clear out or whether you’re an indie seller, side hustler, independent brand, artisan expert, secondhand seller or antiques dealer.

It’s also the place to be if you’re a small business owner selling on social media platforms like Instagram where there’s no payment or shipping support.

Narchie will only charge sellers a 10% fee on the total listing amount, including shipping costs so it’s a no-brainer.

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Vase of corn on top of a green dresser

The app is the antidote to the fast furniture mentality

"22 million pieces of furniture are thrown away in the UK every year and the majority of them are sent to landfill"

Narchie is an antidote to fast furniture

Fast furniture, like fast fashion, is a concept based on cheap, convenient, mobile and speedily delivered furniture - hello flatpacks.

It was born out of the need to suit our constantly shifting, evolving, upgrading and downsizing living conditions year by year.

It’s also become a feature of trends and fashion. As a result, fast furniture is easy and cheap to buy, flimsily made and convenient to throw away when it no longer serves its purpose or is no longer ‘in vogue.’

How much furniture we throw away

According to the North London Waste Authority, an average of 22 million pieces of furniture are thrown away in the UK every year and the majority of them are sent to landfill.

32% of bulky waste (both furniture and textiles) is reusable in its current state which rises to 51% for items requiring only a small amount of repair.

What’s more, research from the British Heart Foundation found that 30% of adults throw away household items that could have been reused, sold or donated.

Narchie helps tackle this fast furniture, waste culture mentality by making it easy to give preloved homewares a second life in another home.

Also, it helps you find furniture and other items that won’t fall to bits but rather take pride of place in your home as soon-to-be heirlooms.

Grey and printed flower cushion on a sofa with a throw and books.

Narchie gives preloved homewares a second life that's NOT landfill

How to get involved with Narchie

Narchie has officially launched for iPhone users. Those on Android can join a waitlist and get the latest updates on when it's available to them too.

Whether you’re a seller or customer (or both), register your username now.

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