Over 60 Fashion Companies Sign This New Circular Fashion Pledge

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Over 60 Fashion Companies Sign This New Circular Fashion Pledge


The 2020 Circular Fashion Pledge launches during Fashion Revolution Week. We check out what it means and which ethical fashion brands have signed up already.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Thu 23 Apr 2020

We all need some good news and what could be better during Fashion Revolution Week, that a new 2020 Circular Fashion Pledge has launched, with over 60 founding fashion brands.

The 2020 Circular Fashion Pledge is driven by forward thinking, planet friendly, small and medium fashion brands who want to alig with with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and prove that fashion can be a force for positive change - through adopting a more circular approach to fashion and business in general.

Each brand has committed to taking a specific action in 2020 to lead the industry toward a more circular model. Collectively, they are addressing the U.N. Sustainable Develop Goal (SDG) 12.5, to substantially reduce waste generation by 2030.

#imadeyourclothes is the hashtag for ethical producers and fashion designers for Fashion Revolution Week

The 2020 Circular Fashion Pledge launches during Fashion Revolution Week 2020

The 2020 Circular Fashion Pledge focuses on three main commitments to circular actions, and fashion brands pledge to support at least one.

  1. Enable take-back or resale
    By the end of 2020, launch at least one method or partnership to enable their customers to send-back or resell their used items.
  2. Increase recycled content
    By the end of 2020, increase the total percentage of certified recycled content or scrap fabric by 10 percent in their top 5 selling items.
  3. Design for durability
    By the end of 2020, increase the use of non-blended materials, and/or modularity and repairability in their top 5 selling items.

The initiative is aiming for over 1,000 brand signatories this year to help drive a path to a cleaner, more creative fashion industry.

But it's not just for fashion brands, service industries can also pledge to help brands achieve sustainability, as indvidual consumers can stay updated and learn about the pledged brands and what they're doing to move towards a circular economy.

woman sitting man standing

You Underwear has committed to the 2020 Circular Fashion Pledge

Some of the founding pledgers include some of our favourites at pebble magazine, such as Couchman Bespoke, CDUK, Birdsong, Mud Jeans, Where Does It Come From? and You Underwear but the initial line up of brands spans over 60 countries.

"We founded The Extra Smile to be a force for good in the fashion industry -- to make fashionable clothes for kids in a way that is fair to people and kind to our planet," said Heleen Devos, Co-Founder of The Extra Smile, with locations in Asia and Europe.

"Our objective is to create more decent jobs for Asian apparel workers by selling stylish and organic children's fashion to consumers in Europe. Responsible production and consumption of apparel is very important for the future of our planet, so we are beyond excited to see many amazing brands in the 2020 Circular Fashion Pledge."

Norhan El Sakkout, Founder & Creative Director of Saqhoute, located in Egypt says: "Saqhoute is an accessible luxury ready-to-wear brand for professional women. We have had a longstanding commitment to ethical and sustainable practices, while maintaining an Egyptian cultural aesthetic. Given the global importance of building a circular fashion industry, we are honored to commit to the 2020 Circular Fashion Pledge."

Sustainable Denim Brands women in blue jeans and sunglasses leaning against a white wall

Mud Jeans operate a circular fashion model around recycled cotton and leasing jeans

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