New Plastic Free Shampoo Combats Chlorine And Post Swimming Hair

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New Plastic Free Shampoo Combats Chlorine And Post Swimming Hair


Plastic free shampoo can still be as effective as liquid shampoo - and it cuts down on waste.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Mon 7 Jun 2021

Plastic free shampoo brand, KinKind, who create shampoo, conditioner and moisturising bars, have created a range of bars called Give Me STRENGTH!

Plastic free shampoo combats the huge amount of single use plastic bottles we all use in the bathroom and each bar lasts as long as two shampoo bottles.

Give Me STRENGTH! Is perfect for anyone who has taken up wild swimming in lockdown, or is looking for swim on holiday this summer as it moisturises dry hair that is damaged from chlorine.

woman diving into a lake

Does your hair need some love after swimming?

Founder, Victoria Coe says: “KinKind Give me STRENGTH! Shampoo bar has a botanical infusion that includes lavender, rosemary and nettle.

Between them, these extracts are known to help deep cleanse and eliminate the smell of chlorine.

To care and protect against damage, both the shampoo and conditioner bars are loaded with coconut oil which helps to reinforce the hair’s natural protective barrier, helping to prevent it from going dry and brittle.”

“I wanted to develop a shampoo and conditioner that would be a balanced all-rounder for all hair types, including combination hair (dry ends and greasier roots), and swimmers who often deal with chlorine damaged and smelling hair.”

KinKind’s plastic free shampoo is also better for your hair than mainstream bottled shampoo.

It uses a gentler foaming cleanser than bottled shampoo, so it is kinder to hair and skin.

“Ultimately this balance of cleansing and caring ingredients give a lovely shampoo bar that consumers love, and they frequently feedback that they can go for an extra day between washes,” explains Victoria.

bars of plastic free shampoo on white background

KinKind's Give Me STRENGTH! range will have you hooked

Pair it with the Give Me STRENGTH! Conditioner and you’ll never be able to tell you went anywhere near a pool.

The conditioner bar uses coconut oil and cocoa seed butter, both known for their concentrated smoothing and softening benefits, which work wonders on hair.

And you can ditch the plastic on holiday as well.

KinKind’s plastic free shampoo bars can be bought with KEEP me! Travel Tins so you can throw them in your packing, and there’s no need for leaking bottles or using hotel miniatures while you’re away.

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