Try this 'unconference in the countryside'

Alice Pritchard

27 July 2017

This September sees a new festival - Offline Festival - making an appearance. Offline Festival puts communities at the heart of its ethos, it’s a three day gathering that aims to empower people to make a difference in their own worlds.

Rock up to this unconference in the countryside (Hounslow Hall, Buckinghamshire) from 15-17 September for a gathering of social enterprises and community projects who have been woven together by Project Dirt, the Power to Change and The Eden Project Communities.

There’s workshops on how to find your tribe, talks with social enterprise gurus, activists and change agencies and inspiring chats with people from Crowdfunder, The Library of Things and more. Learn to meditate, pick up new skills and make new friends. Everything and everyone here is geared towards you going home and making an impact - perhaps it’s a personal project or a long standing community one but change will be afoot once you've been fired up offline.

Yes, there’s music and feasting and camping and woods to walk in but Offline looks to have a deeper connection with its audience, equipping them with key skills - whether it marketing or confidence, networking or pitching - to make a difference.

Tickets for Offline Festival cost £80 (with free camping) or get a 4 for 2 deal for teams. Enter AGMTEAM into Eventbrite to get your team bundle and you're good to go! 

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