Burst that bubble: edible drinks packaging is here

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Burst that bubble: edible drinks packaging is here


Would you pick up a juice shot you can eat rather than drink? Juice drink company, Press, has partnered with a company to create edible bubbles filled with delicious juice.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Wed 4 Jul 2018

Press has partnered with Skipping Rocks Lab, who make Ooho a biodegradable, edible form of packaging made from algae, to sell exclusive juice shots in Selfridges this summer.

There are four flavours available: Berry Dreams, Sunshine Crush, Green Goddess and Blue Magic. It's the latest step for PRESS, who are focusing on everything they can do to be the most sustainable brand they can.

Ooho is a UK based start up that makes its biodegradable packaging from seaweed.

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Would you try an edible bubble with algae packaging

PRESS co-founder and CEO Ed Foy, “As part of our continued efforts to reduce our plastic waste, we discovered Ooho and initiated a partnership that would get this new phenomenon into the hands of our customers."

"We are launching exclusively with Selfridges, who, as well as pioneering their own sustainability campaigns such as Project Ocean, have supported PRESS from the beginning. Together we hope to make a difference and perhaps one day we’ll be able to sell our whole range of juices and smoothies in edible packaging.”

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