Open Farm Sunday is back and happening in June

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Open Farm Sunday is back and happening in June


Open Farm Sunday is happening this month, it's your annual chance to spend time on your local farm, talking to farmers and finding out more about how your food is grown.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Mon 3 Jun 2019

Time to get down on the farm. LEAF 's (Linking Environment And Farming) annual Open Farm Day takes place on Sunday 9 June and is a fantastic opportunity for people to discover their local farm and find out more how farms are run sustainably.

Across the UK, farms of all shapes and sizes, throw open their gates to show kids and adults how their food is grown and how resources like land and water are managed for the long term.

For the last 14 years, the annual Open Farm Day, offers the chance for people to find out what it really takes to be a farmer and hear their stories.

Open Farm Day 2019
Open Farm Day 9 June 2019
Open Farm Day 9 June 2019

Image Take the whole family to discover what really happens down on a farm on Sunday 9 June

From demonstrations and walk arounds to tractor rides and animal petting areas, there is a whole range of activities happening down on your local farm. Find your local farm here and find out what's on.

LEAF works with farmers, the food industry, scientists and consumers to inspire and enable sustainable farming that is prosperous, enriches the environment and engages local communities. It has been organising these annual Open Farm Days since 2006.

Find out why farmers love Open Farm Day