Panda Packaging Launches Loyalty Scheme For Reusable Coffee Cups

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Panda Packaging Launches Loyalty Scheme For Reusable Coffee Cups


Eco-friendly bamboo packaging startup, Panda Packaging, have launched a brand new loyalty scheme to reduce single use takeaway cups.

Here's what it entails and how to get involved.

Francesca Brooking

Wed 21 Apr 2021

Love coffee but want to break up with takeaway coffee cups? Venture backed startup, Panda Packaging have made it easier to do just that with their newly launched reusables loyalty scheme for participating coffee shops and cafés.

The scheme, which is having a pilot run at Bare Brew in East London, is designed to encourage coffee drinkers to adopt reusable options on the go with a fun and engaging app, rewards, incentives and even free coffee.

Ultimately, it’s an effortless way to do some good all while enjoying your favourite drink and being rewarded for it.

Person holding reusable cup in coffee shop

The loyalty scheme makes it easy for coffee lovers and businesses to be more sustainable

The scheme also provides coffee shops and cafes with invaluable real-time data to improve their business efficiency, tailor their marketing strategies, create engaging customer service and give them tools to help them recover after the pandemic.

On top of that, it’s an easy way for hospitality businesses to reduce their overall plastic usage and carbon emissions. It’s a win for all.

Maliha Rana, director of Panda Packaging says; “Our solution puts businesses and customers at ease by providing a scheme that automates data collection while eradicating plastic waste and aligning with the governments Clean Growth Strategy and Net Zero ambitions.”

Three reusable coffee cups
“Our solution puts businesses and customers at ease by providing a scheme that automates data collection while eradicating plastic waste”

How does the scheme work?

The scheme is simple. Coffee lovers can buy a Panda Packaging reusable cup made from 100% ethically sourced bamboo from participating coffee shops and cafés. It costs just £1 so it can easily be added to the price of a hot drink!

This special cup has inbuilt technology that connects to your smartphone. Tap the bottom of the cup to your phone and a form will appear.

Then all you need to do is follow the instructions on the screen to create an account, register your details and choose your favourite coffee or other hot beverage in just a few seconds.

Person holiding reusable cup with a phone

No app downloads needed with the loyalty scheme

The website will create your own customised loyalty card out of your preferences and you can use it to collect points, earn yourself free cups of coffee and save the ocean from plastic waste all in a few clicks. No app downloads needed.

Each participating coffee shop and café will have a special Panda Packaging reader at the till to which you can tap the bottom of your reusable bamboo cup and kickstart your loyalty scheme.

Then simply order your drink and keep reusing your cup for every takeaway hot drink on the go from your participating place of choice!

When it’s time to receive your hard-earned reward, you’ll be notified via email. Take it to the coffee shop or café you chose to set your reward with and enjoy.

Coffee cup and card reader

The loyalty scheme has a contactless points system

How to take part

The loyalty scheme is newly launched this year but to date, Panda Packaging have saved nearly 1,000 single use cups from ending up in landfill at Bare Brew.

If you own an independent coffee shop or café and would like to learn more about how the scheme can benefit your business and help you be more sustainable, email [email protected].

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