This Pasta Company Is Saving Leftover Halloween Pumpkins

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This Pasta Company Is Saving Leftover Halloween Pumpkins


Georgina Wilson-Powell

Mon 26 Oct 2020

Wondering what to do with a leftover pumpkin this Halloween?

Did you know that over half the UK's 24m Halloween pumpkins are destined to become food waste?

This year, nationwide fresh pasta delivery service Pasta Evangelists has teamed up with wonky veg supplier Waste Knot to launch its first range of “wonky” pasta dishes made from pumpkin flesh that would otherwise go to waste at this time of year.

Half the UK's 24m Halloween pumpkins are destined to become food waste

The menu has been created in aid of leading food waste charity FareShare, with £1 from each “wonky” dish sold being donated to support the charity’s vital dual mission to tackle food waste and fight hunger.

Available to order until Friday 6th November at Pasta Evangelists, the limited-edition “wonky” range - which includes a Pumpkin & Black Truffle Triangoli and a vegan Pumpkin & Sage Ravioli with Wild Rocket Pesto made with surplus pumpkins supplied by Waste Knot - is designed to inspire customers to transform their own Halloween pumpkins into beautiful pasta dishes this year instead of sending them to landfill.

The Pasta Evangelists team aim to use their expertise in Italian pasta culture to educate British consumers about the gastronomic properties of pumpkins, the delicate, sweet flesh of which is a specialty of pasta ripiena (filled pasta) in the regions surrounding the river Po in the North of Italy.

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pasta dishes from above

Get confident cooking with pumpkin thanks to Pasta Evangelists

FareShare Commercial Director Alyson Walsh said: “We love this smart partnership with Pasta Evangelists and Waste Knot. It brings together the best of maximising surplus pumpkins so that they aren’t wasted and also helps fund meals out to people in need this Winter through our network of local charities. A fantastic initiative!”

Since its inception in 2017, Pasta Evangelists has been on a mission to evangelise the Italian speciality of pasta fresca (fresh pasta) across the UK.

Based in a kitchen in North London, Pasta Evangelists specialise in making and delivering small batches of fresh pasta and sauces in the authentic Italian tradition, using only the highest quality natural ingredients and following ancient methods used by homecooks across the Italian peninsula for centuries.

Cooked pasta from above and fresh pasta to cook from above

Pasta Evangelists order to home fresh pasta boxes are 100% recyclable & compostable

The Pasta Evangelists menu, which is inspired by a new seasonal theme, ingredient or region each week, consists of a choice of sixteen dishes, each featuring a different variety of fresh pasta paired with a homemade sauce and finished with a garnish sourced from Italy, such as pecorino cheese from Sardinia, or toasted hazelnuts from Piedmont.

Pasta kits are delivered direct to customers' homes in 100% recyclable & compostable packaging.

Try it for yourself. Get 30% off your first order at Pasta Evangelists and a free mini bottle of organic olive oil with the exclusive discount code PEBBLE30.

What do you think? Are you confident cooking with pumpkin? Let us know in the comments below!