pebble's New Community Opens This Week

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pebble's New Community Opens This Week


Have you heard? We are leaving Facebook behind and opening new dynamic community for conscious consumers and ethical entrepreneurs on a new private platform.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Wed 7 Apr 2021

Out with the old and in with the new.

This Spring the pebble team are unveiling a new community for our members - we have described pebble as a family for years and now it feels we can finally offer up a digital home where we can come together, help each other, network, collaborate, learn and share - in a way that makes it easier to achieve more in the real world, rather than just scrolling online.

pebble will be moving off Facebook, and archiving the existing pebble pod Facebook group, and moving our community over to Mighty Networks, a private, ad-free platform where we can host virtual events, share topics and resources, where members can write articles, have their own profiles, direct message and lots more.

If you don't like using Facebook, then this is your chance to get involved.

If you want to do more in your local community, this is your place to get inspired.

If you want help to ramp up your sustainable journey at home, we can help you.

If you want to grow your ethical business faster, then we have a new group just for entrepreneurs and business owners.

group of people talking at eco festival

pebble’s new community is underpinned by a free network, Ripples, with direct messaging and member profiles. It will act like the old Facebook group, the pebble pod, but with a lot more functionality and more ways to connect for members.

Two paid subscription levels are also available to provide a deeper connection to the pebble community. Members can upgrade to these at any time.

Wave ($5.99 per month) is for individuals wanting to ramp up their sustainability journey.

Swell ($27.99 per month which includes Wave) is a space for sustainable SMEs and eco-entrepreneurs to network, collaborate and listen.

Each offers anyone a free trial for a month.

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Away from Facebook, where the environment does not always feel safe or ethical, pebble’s network of individuals and businesses can flourish, coming together to share and support one another in their passion for sustainable living.

New and existing members are welcome on Mighty Networks, where pebble will offer the same inspiration and lively community for individuals and businesses want to follow a stylishly sustainable path.

pebble’s founder, Georgina Wilson-Powell, says: “Facebook has been the blocker in stopping our community members coming together. We want to empower our readers and community members to take action in the real world - whether at home or in their businesses.

“We want to build a community of engaged citizens rather than passive consumers,which fits our guiding ethos - that pebbles make ripples. We want to enable people to do more than just like or comment, but to make real change.”

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Sign up today and join the move to pebble's new community and find your planet loving people.