Plastic Waste Exhibition Opens In Margate Train Station

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Plastic Waste Exhibition Opens In Margate Train Station


Thinking of visiting Margate this summer? Those arriving by train will be greeted by a new plastic waste exhibit in the station.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Tue 20 Jul 2021

Day trip to Margate? The iconic seaside town has gone from scruffy seaside escape to de rigour Instagram selfie over the last year, as staycations boom and beaches beckon.

But the increased pressure on the town's beaches has also meant an increased amount of plastic waste (and other litter) on the beautiful golden sands.

But the fight against plastic pollution on our beaches has never looked so pretty.

Margate's Rise Up Clean Up litter picking action group has created an interactive exhibition at Margate train station which shows just a small percentage of the plastic waste that is left on the town's beaches.

In just a year they've already removed 3,000 kgs of plastic waste and rubbish from the iconic Margate sands.

cases of plastic rubbish in a train station hallway

This new exhibition, running over the summer in the main hall at Margate train station, which can see over 1,500 visitors an hour in peak summer season, highlights the variety of plastic abandoned to wash into the sea on the beach.

The installation is a snaking display case filled with 75 bags-worth of rubbish, showing people just how much litter is collected from the beach in one single day.

The installation hopes to open people's eyes to the fact that even small, individual acts of littering add up to an enormous amount of waste.

Close up of cases full of plastic waste in a train station

Rise Up Clean Up's co-founder co-founder Alanna McGill Tagg said: “This isn't about shaming people, or preaching to them.

It's about creative a positive message which conveys what Margate means to it's community, how hard we work to protect the beaches, and how we can all play a role in keeping Margate beautiful.”

Visitors to Margate can find free litter bags dotted around the promenade to help with taking their litter home and there are increased numbers of bins available to put litter in its proper place.

To find out more about Rise Up Clean Up's great work, visit them at