is it time your plates were made from plants

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is it time your plates were made from plants


These plates take plant-powered to a whole new level. Leaf Republic has developed a process to create compostable plates from leaves.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Tue 6 Mar 2018

These bowls and plates are made from 100% plants and nothing else. Leaf Republic in Germany makes various size plates and bowls but it's also started to make plastic free, plant based tupperware. 

Its tupperware consists of three layers of biodegradable plant based material, one with a paper derivative mixed in and topped with a recycled plastic lid. It's heat resistant to 90 degrees and will last for 28 days without breaking down. Everything bar the recycled plastic will break down to compost in another 28 days.

Plant Based, plastic free Tupperware from Leaf Republic

Would you eat off a plate made of leaves? We would

Its takeaway tupperware range comes in all shapes and sizes to fit everything from salad to sushi - just imagine next time you go out to get lunch from the high street and you come back with a salad and a bowl made from leaves. Or next time you're planning a party and need disposable plates or serving bowls, you don't have to feel guilty buying something disposable.