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Wild women wanted: She Went Wild launches in the UK

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Wild women wanted: She Went Wild launches in the UK


It's time to go really wild. Want to hit the great outdoors but don’t know where to start? Follow in the footsteps of She Went Wild and you won’t go far wrong.

    Alice Pritchard

    Wed 24 May 2017

    Having found success in Australia, She Went Wild (founded by Welsh wonderwoman Emma Walker) is a platform that inspires women to have more adventures. Previously, it’s arranged the first dedicated adventure film festival, outdoors expos and workshops and now it’s coming to Wales.

    Women at She Went Wild film festival

    She Went Wild organised the first female adventure film festival in Australia last year

    This summer will see She Went Wild partnering with some of Wales’ finest outdoors experiences for workshops and meet-ups designed to get women back in the wild.

    The first event is a Women’s Paddleboarding Workshop on Sunday 28 May at Cardiff’s International White Water facility.

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