Wake up and smell the coffee this Fairtrade Fortnight

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Wake up and smell the coffee this Fairtrade Fortnight


It's Fairtrade Fortnight (26 February - 11 March) and we're celebrating all things Fairtrade throughout the next couple of weeks. We're kicking off with a look at one of the most well known and much-loved Fairtrade industries - coffee.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Mon 26 Feb 2018

Fairtrade supports coffee growers around the world, who often don't have enough to eat. Supported by Fairtrade, they invest 25% back into a better quality of life and a better product. It's the caffeine kick that keeps on giving. 

And we're not just talking a few people here, the world gets through so much coffee that over 80% of it is produced by 25 million smallholders. 

This year's campaign runs under the banner of 'Come on in' inviting people to explore how Fairtrade opens doors to disadvantaged farmers around the world. 

Discover the life of a Fairtrade coffee farmer with this 360 degree video

5 Fairtrade coffees to buy

Cafedirect Kilimanjaro Coffee

Cafedirect Kilimanjaro Coffee is a ground blend that hails from Tanzania, grown in volcanic soil and fed mountain spring water. Cafedirect invests 50% of its profits back tino the Cafedirect Producers Foundation.

Dualit Compostable Capsules: Sumatra Mandheling

These Dualit capsules are not only Nespresso compatible they are also compostable. This is single origin coffee from small scale growers in Sumatra, that's bold, tropical and creamy. The pods and lids will break down in 90 days in an industrial composter.

Taylors of Harrogate Rare Blossom Ethiopia Ground Coffee

This light, crisp ground coffee from Taylors is inspired by Swedish fika breaks, ie stopping for a chat over a cuppa. This Fairtrade organic blend comes from a cooperative in Ethiopia.

Grumpy Mule Organic Colombia Ground Coffee

Grumpy Muleserve up a darker brew with this rich ground coffee from the Huila mountain range. Grumpy Mule value their growers and partners and are not only Fairtrade certified by also have the Rainforest Alliance and Organic SEALS seal of approval too.

Percol's Pick of the Crop 100% Arabica Instant Coffee

It's not all about posh brews, beans and tasting notes as long as a wine label. Sometimes instant will do and you can still have a Fairtrade coffee that's an instant. Percol's instant coffee is freeze-dried and produced at Fairtrade co-operatives but still has a rich, robust taste. Percol focus on getting more young farmers into growing coffee in Colombia, through its Next Generation Coffee project. At the moment, the average of a coffee farmer is 55, so Percol is investing in training and financial aid to young farmers who want to learn about growing coffee.

5 of the best fairtrade coffees to buy

Make your next cuppa one that does good as well as tastes good

What is Fairtrade?

Fairtrade currently works with 1.6 million farmers and workers across 74 developing countries, providing a safety net against volatile market prices. It offers the Fairtrade Premium - often the only resource to improve their social, economic and environmental conditions.

By choosing Fairtrade coffee you're choosing to help farmers in countries often battling with climate change, deforestation, an ageing farming population and economic challenges. The Fairtrade Premium can help them invest in sustainable farming techniques, new skills and their community.

Coffee isn't the only industry Fairtrade operates in. It also works in chocolate, tea, sugar, bananas, cotton, gold and silver (Read about how Fairtrade gold is tackling the environmental and ethical abuses and what it means for your jewellery, here).

And we'll be giving away a special Fairtrade coffee and tea hamper this week over on Twitter. Keep an eye out for our tweets and RT to be in with a chance to win.