Snorkel Scotland this summer

Georgina Wilson-Powell

19 May 2017

Forget the Maldives, ditch the Caribbean, the Scottish islands are a watery treasure trove for keen snorkellers and divers.

The north west Scottish waters are clean and clear (if a little chilly we’ll admit) and make a perfect backdrop to explore the incredible marine life around the UK's coast. Spot dogfish, barrel jellyfish, sea urchins and sun stars - even basking sharks. Rare maerl can be seen at Gruinard Bay or discover huge crabs at Tanera Mor.

The self-led snorkel trail includes nine beaches and bays that are sprinkled around the coast of Wester Ross and Sutherland and has been created by the Scottish Wildlife Trust to highlight its Living Seas programme. It's open all year round for those that don't mind cold waters.

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