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This app can trace your food for you

The Soil Association has launched technology that allows a QR code app that can trace your organic food from field to fork. See where the milk in your coffee or the bacon in your Sunday fry up came from.

Alice Pritchard 19 October 2017

To help show consumers the traceable chain between farmers and producers and what’s on your plate, the Soil Association have launched an Android app (one for Apple is to follow), that shows the journey of your organic food.

Partnering with British tech start-up Provenance, who use new blockchain technology, Soil Association has worked to provide an interactive label that can be scanned to show where your carrots were grown, harvested, processed and transported, by who and on what dates.

“This takes our Soil Association Organic symbol to the next level, arming shoppers with detailed information via their smartphones at the point of sale. Customers who interact with the digital symbol can find out more about what it means to be organic, including; fewer pesticides, no artificial additives or preservatives, it’s always free range, has the highest standards of animal welfare and no GM ingredients,” says Clare McDermott, Business Development Director from Soil Association Certification.

Soil Association Provenance App

Scan your organic fruit and veg and find out where it came from and how it was grown

Consumers will be able to scan the digital certification symbol and find out if the food is gluten free or dairy free as well as see its journey.

Jessi Baker, CEO and Founder of Provenance, comments: “Our tech brings an easy, secure and trustworthy digital dimension to our food and drinks. Working with the Soil Association Certification we’ve created the world’s first digital certification symbol, with key verified data and batches of product stored on the blockchain. For a shopper, this means when you look for products certified by the Soil Association, you know you are looking at a mark to trust and the food we all buy meets the highest standards now and in the future.”

The QR codes and barcodes work with any QR reader or barcode reader for Android phones.

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Alice Pritchard 19 October 2017

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