The first edible takeaway carton is here

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The first edible takeaway carton is here


Would you eat the bucket your fried chicken came in? How about if those nuggets were vegan and the bucket was made of plants? Welcome to the future of edible packaging.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Thu 7 Mar 2019

Feeling peckish? Just in case your Deliveroo order didn't satisfy, from today you'll be able to eat the bucket your fake chicken nuggets came in.

Launched by Alpro, the Plant Based Bucket is the ultimate no waste feast as once you've polished off the vegan mushroom nuggets and sweet potato fries, you can eat the bucket too.

The zero waste packaging is made from a secret combination of nuts, seeds and spices.

Plant based bucket
Plant based bucket takeaway

Image Would you try a takeaway where you can eat the container?

Launched to celebrate Plant Based Day (7 March), the vegan version of chicken nugget and chips with an edible bucket is now available on takeaway service Deliveroo.

“We’re launching ‘PBB’ to show the nation what’s possible using the amazing power of plants,” says Stephanie Balsom-Eynon, head of Plant Power and chief ‘bucket’ taster at Alpro.

“The bucket has a crunchy base made using a tasty mix of fennel seeds, nigella seeds, sesame seeds and pumpkin seeds – meaning it’s sort of like a crispbread. It’s deliciously moreish, and really is good enough to eat; especially when paired with the Alpro-based creamy garlic dip."

Plant Based Day is now an annual event, which has been created by Alpro, dedicated to encouraging the nation to ‘Go Big On Plants’ and feast on a plant-filled plate.