These are the best independent shops of 2018

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These are the best independent shops of 2018


Britain's specialist independent shops are booming and the Shop of the Year awards shortlisted the best 42 before crowning five the winners earliest this month. Is one of them near you?

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Fri 5 Oct 2018

Organised by the Guild of Fine Food the Shop of the Year 2018 awards celebrate our independent stores, singling out the best deli, farm shop, grocers, cheese shop and specialist shop across the UK.

And the winners are:

  • Delifonseca Dockside in Liverpool, Best Delicatessen
  • Bradford-based Keelham Farm Shop, Best Farm Shop with Food Hall 
  • Cheshire’s specialist grocer, Godfrey C. Williams & Son, Best Grocer, Village or Community Shop
  • The Cheese Society in Lincoln, Best Specialist Cheese Shop
  • Fillet & Bone, Gloucestershire won the Specialist Shop of the Year Newcomer award
Best independent shops in the UK
Best independent shops in the UK

Image Is one of these award winning independent shops near you?

Judges included Edward Berry of The Flying Fork, Stuart Gates, who has worked for both Harrods and Fortnum & Mason, food journalist Patrick McGuigan, award-winning retailer Tracey Colley and food industry advisor, Sam Rosen-Nash. 

They rated the shortlisted stores in everything from overall shopping experience and financial performance to staff training opportunities and environmental initiatives.

With a “spacious, well stocked and laid out food hall”, Delifonseca Dockside, which has a “good atmosphere and low staff turnover”, was applauded for its “wide range of local, national and international produce, from local honey and bread to global beers and 120 cheeses from all over the world”. 

Packed with all the “farm shop classics, such as meat, fruits and vegetables,” Keelham Farm Shop also impressed the judges with its more novel offerings, from a range of pulses and a juice bar to its new product development, which now includes a curry range.

Best independent shops in the UK
Best independent shops in the UK

Image Cheese, delis and farm shops can apply to the 2019 Shop of the Year award now

Entry is now open for Shop of the Year 2019 at, with independent retailers now invited to submit a written submission for Best Delicatessen & Grocer; Specialist Cheese Shop; Farm Shop (farmer owned); Food Hall; Specialist Food or Drink Shop; and Newcomer. Judging will begin in November before the winners are announced at Fine Food Show North, Harrogate, which takes place on Sunday 10 and Monday 11 March 2019.