These Entrepreneuers Have Diverted 270,000 Plants From Landfill And Sent Them To People's Homes

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These Entrepreneuers Have Diverted 270,000 Plants From Landfill And Sent Them To People's Homes


Plants on demand anyone? Is there nothing that can't be delivered to home via subscription? Plantsavers have created a circular system that saves plants and helps households.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Thu 16 Jul 2020

Garden centres were an unlikely casualty of the lockdown, suddenly unable to sell plants, millions of plants were destined for landfill.

But creativity and innovation are never in short supply. Plantsavers was formed by a group of friends with no experience in the gardening industry. It purchases plants at risk from garden centres, bundles them up into variety packs with compost and sells them to households.

Since they started they've saved 270,000 plants and sent them to over 15,000 households.

Close up of bedding plants

Plantsavers bundle up plants from garden centres and deliver them to your home

But they're not just saving plants. The business is making the whole gardening process more sustainable, through offsetting all deliveries and optimising delivery routes and donating to FareShare with every order made.

So far £17,000 has been raised for Meals for the NHS.

Single use plastic is a huge problem in the gardening industry (think of all the plant pots that don't get recycled), so PlantSavers also removes all unneccessary packaging and uses a mix of returnable and EcoPots (made of recycled plastic) and upcycled wooden pallets.

plastic tray of plants

Do you need more plants for your garden or balcony?

With over 1 million people in the UK joining gardening groups on Facebook since March, and a huge rise in interest in gardening and growing our own food (especially to help with our mental health), there's never been a better time to revolutionise the gardening industry. It just goes to show, there's nothing that can't be improved to reduce waste.

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