This Course Wants To Amplify Your Voice For Change

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This Course Wants To Amplify Your Voice For Change


The Humblebrag global course gives you the courage to be the change and amplify it!

Jessie Dodd

Wed 12 Aug 2020

Are you looking to take that next step or make your voice heard more?

Purposeful positioning course by activist and social entrepreneur Lucy von Sturmer, founder of The Humblebrag, thought leadership agency and Co-initiator of initiative Creatives for Climate helps individuals pivot towards social impact and sustainability and connect their personal mission to a bigger social cause.

To support future and existing leaders to have more influence and impact, the course supports individuals, entrepreneurs, and corporate mavericks to become bolder and braver in how they position themselves.

It boils down the exact strategy the agency uses for leadership teams at companies and brands and translates this into a step-by-step process for individuals to amplify their personal brand as a change-maker.

open coursebook for the humblebrag thought leadership course

This online course attracts indviduals who want to ramp up their purpose

The course has been prototyped for almost two years in a physical version, however when COVID-19 hit, the transition online happened almost overnight, and so too did the global interest, with participants joining from Greece, Germany, South Africa, Spain, UK, Lebanon, US, and India.

“It was a nice surprise to have so many inspiring individuals be able to join, but the format still wasn’t accessible in all time zones. I’ve now redesigned it so we can reach literally anyone, anywhere, and that’s exciting for us as a small team," says Lucy Von Sturmer.

The blended model programme, limited to 30, and consists of live group sessions, video recordings, and assignments with feedback, as well as inspiration from established global change-makers in diverse fields walking the talk.

Lucy says: “The world needs new solutions, new leaders, and new ideas to drive business as a force for good. I’ve been asking myself: how can we truly be more accessible to those that need it most? This is our way of helping more people to learn how to craft their story and amplify their impact, with the goal to support a critical mass of change-makers driving business as a force for good.”

"The Humblebrag's course really taught me to focus on the things that I really want to be known for and how to hone my personal story to distill what's really amazing about pebble and what I've achieved so far," says Georgina Wilson-Powell, pebble's editor.

Workbook for the humblebrad thought leadership course
lucy von sturmer talking on a stool at an event

Image Are you a change-maker and want to take your impact to the next level?

Want to get involved? Does this sound like the push you've been looking for?

The course will commence the week of August 24th. Book your place here.

The Humblebrag agency has an exclusive focus on business as a force for good, and works with some of the world’s best brands, artists, agencies and NGOs to use the power of ideas to challenge the status quo and create positive impact. The course provides access to individuals and social entrepreneurs, who otherwise wouldn’t be able to access the services of an agency.