This Inventor Turns Old Jeans Into New Sunglasses

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This Inventor Turns Old Jeans Into New Sunglasses


Mosevic have gone on one step further than mending and upcyling old jeans into other clothes. This new ethical sunglasses brand have found a way to turn your discarded denim into sunglass frames. We get the high rise from inventor, Jack Spenser.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Thu 16 Jan 2020

After getting 700% over his original Kickstarter funding request, inventor and Mosevic owner, Jack Spenser might have thought that all of his hard work developing a way of upcycling old scrap denim into luxurious ethical sunglassses was worth it. It only took him eight years and 436 prototypes.

Woman wearing Movesic sunglasses with orange background

It only took 436 tries for inventor Jack to turn waste denim into eyewear

Image Photography | Andrew Hilling

The Shades of Denim collection is created by fusing scraps of waste denim with resin to form solid layers and then those layers are pressed together to create 'solid denim'. As a frame material this can then be crafted by hand into eyewear which is completed with shiny brass details and polarised Zeiss lenses. The rims are sanded and polished so they feel smooth to your skin.

Everything is made in small batches from a small studio in Cornwall.

Jack was originally inspired by carbon fibres which are increasingly used to create lightweight but tough accessories like sunglasses and watches. While sunglasses alone won't save the world, the focus at Mosevic is showcasing what is possible when patience and an interest in using waste materials rather than raw ones are combined. 

Man wearing Movesic sunglasses with purple background
Woman's face surrounded by old denim and gold gloves

Image Photography | Andrew Hilling

Redevloping a modern everyday essential into something that can help the planet and use our waste materials more effectively has found Mosevic plenty of fans already, with hundreds of sunglasses already pre-ordered. 

What do your sunglasses say about you?

The Shades of Denim range from Mosevic comes in black or blue in five styles and is available for shipping from March. 

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