This New Website Helps You Halve Your Carbon Footprint

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This New Website Helps You Halve Your Carbon Footprint


Giki have done it again. Their revolutionary free tool gives you an indiviudual assesment of your carbon footprint - and comes up with ideas to reduce it.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Wed 27 May 2020

While we bash brands and corporations over their carbon footprint, the sad truth is we all have one, everything we do, buy and how we travel causes carbon emissions.

A new consumer friendly website, Giki Zero, helps you define your personal environmental impact across your home, transport, food, purchases and other services you use.

Once you have that, it offers 100 easy steps you can take to reduce your impact by up to 50%. Steps are rated in terms of ease and impact, with benefits such as savings on time and money also featured.

Consumer change isn't the only systematic change we need, but the more control we can have as individuals to make changes, the more we can push for wider scale acceptance of a carbon neutral or carbon positive future.

Woman at laptop with Giki Zero on screen

What steps can you take to reduce your carbon impact?

Jo Hand, co-founder, Giki said:Our research found that two thirds (64%) of people would find it easier to take smaller steps than make big changes towards reducing their carbon footprints. As with any new lifestyle change, making a few simple changes first is most effective in building long-term eco-friendly habits. Taking steps together is how we can tackle climate change.

“We started Giki after trying to calculate our own family’s impact on the environment. Giki Zero was built to help others take charge of their own carbon footprints - and make them lighter. This tool is free and accessible across all popular devices for this reason - we know it’s a tricky landscape to navigate, and Giki Zero has been designed to address this very problem.”

Giki Zero creates your own carbon footprint breakdown

Giki is a social enterprise that debuted Giki Badges last year and an app that helped flag up which supermarkets products contain palm oil. Giki Zero is their latest tool to help people take small steps at home to reduce their carbon emissions.

The tool has been tested by 400 volunteers in the last six months, and comes to market at a time where climate change is high on the national agenda. New research from Giki Zero has found that a third (33%) of UK adults have become more aware of their own impact on the environment as a result of the events of this year.

Paul Dickinson, Executive Chair, CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) said: “The team at Giki have already delivered stunning technology with an app that evaluates the health and sustainability ratings of 250,000 UK food products. Now they’ve gone one stage further with Giki Zero, and delivered a perfectly simple website that helps you reduce your impact that is easy and fun to use. In the end, our success or failure as a species is all about us as individuals. Giki Zero provides the interactive map that shows us the road to safety.”

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