Win A Tiny Forest For Your Community

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Win A Tiny Forest For Your Community


If you live in a European city, you could be in with the chance of winning a tiny forest for your community. Here's how.

Francesca Brooking

Thu 19 Aug 2021

Sure, winning a holiday or cash prize is nice, but what about the chance to win a competition of a lifetime that makes a real difference to the community?

Impact media foundation, 5 Media has teamed up with nature education organisation, IVN to give you the opportunity to win a tiny forest for your community. The prize is worth €20,000 in trees and training.

Small trees and tree stumps for a tiny forest

Tiny forests fit 600 trees into a space for six cars

What is a tiny forest?

A tiny forest is a fast-track reforestation method based on Japanese botanist Dr Akira Miyawaki’s work in the 1970s and developed by Indian eco-entrepreneur Shubhendu Sharma of Afforestt.

It’s essentially a dense, fast-growing forest of up to 600 trees growing in a space that can fit six parked cars.

This type of forest is quicker to reach maturity than standard forests which take about 100 years. A tiny forest becomes lush and leafy in just 10 years.

The benefit? It can have a big impact on the environment in a short space of time which is vital for tackling the climate crisis.

Just one tiny forest can capture 250 kilograms of CO2 per year, reducing carbon emissions and improving air quality.

Man standing in a mature tiny forest
“Planting a tiny forest is about cultivating a community of nature lovers and rekindling our connection to the natural world.”

It can also attract over 500 animal and plant species within the first three years of growth.

As town and city developments encroach further into wildlife habitats, the safe haven of a tiny forest becomes increasingly essential for species survival.

Tiny forests are an important addition to cities, particularly now that rising temperatures are becoming a common occurrence.

These green spaces mitigate urban heat stress because the soil of a tiny forest is up to 20 degrees cooler than the temperature of a city street on a warm day.

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What do you win?

5 Media and IVN’s one of a kind competition gives one lucky winner funding to cover the cost of the trees, soil preparation, planting and fencing.

You will also receive training and onsite guidance from IVN to ensure the health of the tiny forest.

The prize amounts to a worth of €20,000 in trees and training.

The prize is also a chance to give back to your community by injecting a piece of the natural world into an urban environment.

Even a small amount of nature can have a big impact on our health and mental wellbeing.

Studies show that trees boost our mood, reduce anxiety and help us feel more relaxed.

Mie Dahlquist, Executive Director of 5 Media, commented: “Planting a tiny forest is about cultivating a community of nature lovers and rekindling our connection to the natural world.

We hope that this initiative will inspire others to grow their own tiny forest or think creatively about how to regreen our cities.”

Girl measuring a plant

Tiny forests bring a vital piece of nature to an urban setting

Who can enter the tiny forests competition?

Anyone over the age of 18 is eligible to enter if they’re living in a city in Europe and you own or have access to a piece of land suitable for a tiny forest.

You can also enter the competition if you’re interested in co-creating this forest with the local community, city council, school or nature education organisation.

Entries are open until 30 September 2021 and the winner will be announced in October in time for planting season between November and March 2022.

For full details on the competition and entry requirements, visit 5 Media.

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