TOMS unveils its new giving programme

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TOMS unveils its new giving programme


TOMS pioneered the One For One giving model. Now they're doing a whole lot more...

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Fri 1 Mar 2019

The shoe brand that brought us the One For One model ('buy one, give one'), has evolved. Over the last 13 years TOMS, now a B Corp, has given away 86 million pairs of shoes to those in need and has restored sight to over 600,000 people (through its TOMS Eyewear line). But things change, the world has changed.

From this year, the brand will still do all that but also work in each country with impactful 'changemakers' on events, exhibitions and more that tackle prevalent issues in each country. 

Unveiled at the Stand For Tomorrow launch in Amsterdam, in February, TOMS' new giving programme will work with three such individuals who have already been making waves in their own way.

TOMS unveils Changemaker programme

TOMS" European changemakers at the Stand For Tomorrow launch in Amsterdam

TOMS' European changemakers Joshua Coombes, Ella Grace Denton and Sara Nuru will host events and exhibitions that support women's empowerment, tackle youth homelessness and help equip social entrepreneurs with the skills they need to succeed. TOMS's Stand For Tomorrow programme focuses on people who work to promote dignity, equality and community action.

London based social activist, Joshua Coombes, started giving free haircuts three years ago to homeless people he encountered. His #DoSomethingForNothing intiative has seen him travel the world exploring homelessness and human connection.

Former YouTube blogger, now a speaker and co-founder of Stories Behind Things, Ella Grace Denton, speaks from the heart about her journey through stress and anxiety to creating a life full of opportunity.

German model Sara Nuru has launched her social enterprise using Ethiopian coffee to support projects in the country.

Image L-R: TOMS CEO Jim Alling; Ella, Joshua and Sara, Jim Alling

In March, Joshua Coombes, will lead a multi-city art show tour that highlights homelessness across European cities.

In April, Ella Grace Denton, will host a number of Women's Circles across London and Manchester to help women of all ages connect and share stories.

In May, TOMS will work with Ashoka Germany and model turned social entrpreneur, Sara Nuru, to organise a summit and accelerator programme to support the next generation of social impact leaders.

"TOMS has been an innovator for a long time and it was time to do that again," says Jim Alling, TOMS CEO at the Stand For Tomorrow launch. "By bringing together these changemakers and local issues we want to inspire thousands of people to follow us and make their own impact."