Veggie Lotto - yup, it's now a thing. And you can win £25,000

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Veggie Lotto - yup, it's now a thing. And you can win £25,000


Kicking off this month is the UK's first Veggie Lotto - a weekly draw to win £25,000. More importantly (or not) 50p per ticket goes to the Vegetarian Society to help fund its work in local communities and with its own veggie approved trademark. Would you buy a ticket?

Alice Pritchard

Fri 12 May 2017

You've got to admit it's a novel approach to raise money for the charity that works to inspire more people to take up a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. It's thought there are three million veggies and vegans in the UK, with the latter choice rising fast amongst millennials. 

Tickets cost £1 each and the minimum amount players can buy is a one month book, which will give five weeks of play. It's open to all UK residents aged 16 and over. To find out more or to take part go to Veggie Lotto or call 0300 30 20 111.

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