Vertical Farming is on the UP in London

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Vertical Farming is on the UP in London


The growing techniques are centuries-old, the agricultural technology is cutting (v)edge and the aesthetics look as if they are from the far-off future.

Phoebe Young

Thu 24 Oct 2019

Say hello to an amazing, vertical hydroponic farm that produces ultra-fresh and highly-nutritious crops. What’s even more exciting is that Square Mile Farms have set up in Paddington Central, London’s busy work and social hub. 

They have picked this unlikely location because their aim is to bring sustainable agriculture into the urban environment in the form of vertical farm crops.

What is Vertical Farming and how does it work?

Square Mile Farm’s crops are grown vertically as a means of optimising space, maximising yields, reducing waste and producing nutritious plants. This means that they do not have to compete with natural habitats for space or resources. 

Their crops are grown ‘hydroponically’ in a controlled environment. This means that they are cultivated using small amounts of nutrient-rich water and no soil. Square Mile are producing fresh, nutritious produce including kale, fennel and basil in their vertical garden, which is nestled on the rooftop of 2 Kingdom Street.

Why Paddington Central?

Paddington Central joins the previously industrial gap between Paddington Station and the West End and is home to some of the world's biggest organisations. It's not exactly the first destination you'd think of for a farm.

Crops are grown ‘hydroponically’ in a controlled environment

How will farm and community connect?

The farm hopes to integrate itself with the community in Paddington, and inspire the city dweller to latch on to the growing trend of making food production sustainable, nutritious and local again. It will do this through organising events centred around food, well being and the environment. 

Johnathan Ransom, Square Mile Farms Co-owner, explains that “Square Mile Farms is a business passionate about the food we eat, the impact it has on our environment and the growing demand to bring the farm back to the centre of the community it feeds. We take pride in offering professional insights and specialist expertise, as consultants, nutritionists and growers.”

Square Mile Farms is a business passionate about the food we eat

Workshops and events at Square Mile Farms

The farms will partly achieve this through hosting events. These will include talks on topics like The Basics Of Healthy Eating and Managing Stress and Anxiety. Guests will learn how what they eat affects their physical health and mental well being. A seminar on minimising Food Waste will also take place.  

To give you an idea of what will be on the cards, they recently held talks on ‘Nutrition: Essential For Sports; and ‘Nutrition: Good Food, Good Mood’.

Ongoing workshops about How To Grow Your Own Microgreens are another way in which Square Mile will get the fingers of these city dwellers greener. Attendees will be offered a personal session with the farm’s chief grower, who will be on hand to discuss everything from equipment, to the different varieties of microgreens and the conditions they require. Guests can also visit the farm by appointment to learn more about the project and take away some greens! 

Events at the Square Mile Farm are priced from £5 to £25. For more information and to book an event please visit

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