Want to ruin Trump's birthday? This is what the Trump Earth Day campaign wants you to do

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Want to ruin Trump's birthday? This is what the Trump Earth Day campaign wants you to do


The Trump's Earth Day campaign is looking to get as many people to pledge to switch to renewable energy as possible.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Tue 4 Jun 2019

Annoyed by Trump and feel helpless? Stuck for something positive to do?

If you didn't know, 14 June is Donald Trump's birthday, and this year a coalition of green campaigners have come together for Trump's Earth Day - a huge push to get as many people to switch to renewable energy as possible.

Pledge to switch to a renewable energy supplier on 14 June by signing this birthday e-card to Donald Trump at TrumpsEarthday.ComIf someone already has green energy then they can pledge to get a friend to switch. 

The idea came from Tara Button, the founder of sustainable shopping portal, BuyMeOnce, and author of A Life Less Throwaway, who has built the campaign to coincide with Trump's UK visit.

Trumps Earth Day to switch to renewable energy

How many people can we get to switch away from coal to clean energy on Trump's ?

The website has a huge range of resources to help people switch to renewable energy in the States as well as up to date information on renewable energy in the UK.

Tara explains that “Trump is stealing the Earth’s future, so we’re going to steal his birthday and give it to the planet. On the 14th of June, we are calling on the world to take action into their own hands and switch to renewable energy.”

Why is this day about switching to green energy?

The team wanted to do more than march. They want to ignite something that directly undermines Trump’s damaging policies and will have a lasting impact.

  1. Dirty energy use is the biggest cause of climate change, so a mass switch to green energy will have an extreme and lasting impact.
  2. People voting with their wallets is much more effective than petitions - it drives change faster.
  3. Many people who care about the environment haven’t switched yet.  
  4. It’s much quicker and easier to do than people imagine
  5. Trump can’t stop us from doing it
  6. It’s a practical way to undermine Trump’s dirty-energy donors.

And don't forget these are Donald Trump's policies when it comes to energy:

  • Trump has called climate change a hoax.
  • He has pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement.
  • He cut funding for renewable energy by 72% last year.
  • He has put great efforts to reviving what he calls “clean coal”.

Inspired to switch to renewable energy in the UK? Click here to read our easy how to switch to renewable energy guide.

We've pledged, will you?

(Trump’s Earthday is not affiliated with any green energy companies and receives no financial benefit from any green-energy choices the public make).

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