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What is Zero Waste Week? Here's everything you need to know.

It's nearly September, which means it's nearly Zero Waste Week. Want to get involved this year?

Everything you need to know is here - when, what and how get started going zero waste.

Georgina Wilson-Powell 16 August 2019

Simply put, Zero Waste Week is a national awareness campaign that provides a focus for anyone who wants ideas for going zero waste, wants help getting started on their zero waste journey and for zero waste brands to shout about their circular or no waste credentials.

Zero Waste Week was started by Rachelle Strauss in 2008 as an antidote to the overconsumption she saw 52 weeks a year.

This year, in the UK, Zero Waste Week 2019 runs from 2nd to 6th September.

zero waste week

What will you swap or give up this Zero Waste Week?

Whether you’re living alone or overseeing a family of five, each of us, now has a responsibility to reduce our waste and our impact on the planet if we want a hope in hell of softening the climate emergency crash landing we’re heading for.

One person does have the power to change the world (Hi, Greta Thunberg) and none of us live in a vacuum. 

Talk about your zero waste adventures - and misadventures (like the reusable coffee cup that burnt my fingers or the reusable make up pad that got stuck in my washing machine filter) and encourage your friends, family and colleagues to have a go. 

This September, let’s all make it about going zero waste, because we’re all learning together, so let’s help each other rather than competing for the most minimalist Instagram post.

Scroll down for some simple zero waste ideas to get started and let us know how you get on using the #EverydayActivism tag. 

Or come and find us at St James Market in London on Sunday 8 September for a free sustainable living market and inspiring talks. See details below.

striped market stands in a public space Market

Sun September 8

pebble pops up at St James's Market

St James's Market, London, SW1Y 4AH

How to join in Zero Waste Week

Zero Waste Week’s site has some brilliant downloadable resources and they also send out a daily email during Zero Waste Week, full of ideas and easy tips on how to go zero waste. (Sign up to their newsletter here.)

Also watch out for the social media storm of tips and advice using #zerowasteweek during September. You’re guaranteed to find some new plastic free brands and pick up some trash free tips by checking out this hashtag.

We'll be sharing some of our favourite zero wate tips and articles during the week on social media (follow us here).

Not in the UK? You can follow Zero Waste Week wherever you are. The campaign had people join in from 74 countries last year.

Bamboo Cutlery

One of my favourite zero waste finds has been bamboo cutlery for lunch at work

How to go zero waste

While not everyone can be 100% zero waste - in fact it’s almost impossible to achieve every day if you’re out working, picking up kids, doing the shopping and so on. 

But trying to go zero waste is a great mindset to adopt, where you look at everything you produce and see if not just as rubbish but as a resource that can be reused, recycled or best of all avoided totally.

There are no end of ideas, big and small, to help you on your zero waste journey. 

Here are five key places to start, that we’ve found help lots of people get going.

Want to tackle single use plastic in the bathroom?

Here are 10 toiletry essentials that are zero waste.

Cut down on your food waste at home

Here are some of the UK’s top chef’s kitchen hacks to reduce your scraps

How to create your own zero waste kit

Keep these zero waste essentials on you and banish on the go plastic use.

How to shop zero waste

Find your nearest zero waste shop from our huge list of zero waste shops in the UK

Embrace the plastic free period

There are tons of non plastic, chemical free period brands out there. Don’t rely on what you find in Boots. Here are our favourites.

wideye shampoo bars makes eco living easy

Have you embraced the hard bar shampoo and shower bar revolution yet?

5 budget friendly Zero Waste Week ideas to reduce your waste

  1. Start a bin audit and work out what you buy most of and what packaging you throw away each week. That way you can look to avoid it or find a plastic free or zero waste swap.

  2. Buy in bulk. Order in via one of these awesome zero waste online stores or stock up at your nearest zero waste shop. Buying in bulk reduces packaging and trips to the store. Result.
  3. Try making your own skincare products. Find out how this blogger fared making her own shampoo replacements or check out this facial cleansing oil recipe anyone can make at home.
  4. Use a food sharing app like Olio or pick up surplus takeaway food on your way home using Too Good To Go.

  5. Get your planning on. Plan your week’s evening meals around bulk cooking and no waste recipes that help you use up leftovers. Get creative - chefs like Tom Hunt and bloggers like Plant and Plate focus on veggie, no waste meals that help sustain you and the planet. Bookmark Tom Hunt's delicious pumpkin doughnut recipe here for Halloween now.

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Georgina Wilson-Powell 16 August 2019

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