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What It's Like To Start A Farm That Rescues Slaughterhouse Animals

Tracey Allison had always dreamed of creating a haven for animals to find peace and love. The New Haven Project has now rescued sheep, horses and more. Kaja Brown reports.

Georgina Wilson-Powell 3 October 2019

Do you know that amazing feeling you get when you buy an all-natural product that is eco-friendly, doesn’t cost the Earth, and supports a good cause? 

For me that feels like lathering my gorgeous mocha shampoo bar into my hair after a long shift at work and thanking the stars that there are people out there like the New Haven Project. 

The New Haven Project are a family-led vegan business who sell eco-friendly goodies in order to look after rescued slaughterhouse animals. They recently up and moved to Carmarthenshire, Wales, to expand their business.

Intrigued? I got to interview mother and venture-leader, Tracey Alison, so get ready to have your heart strings pulled.

new haven project

New Haven Project was founded to recuse animals destined for slaughter

Where did the idea for the New Haven project come from? 

Tracey Alison: As a child I always dreamt of winning loads of money and what I would do with it. I decided I would spend it on buying land to create a haven for pre-slaughterhouse animals to live out their lives naturally. I’d go to bed dreaming of it. 

Fast forward some years and I had a son, Jamie, who was also very interested in these things and decided that he wanted to start a vegan permaculture business. We finally agreed as a family, okay, he’s worn us down, let’s do it! 

We prepared to sell the family home, pay off our mortgage and buy land. This was all on the understanding that I could take in pre-slaughterhouse animals and give them a safe place to thrive in. The house sold but the land we found fell through so there was a mad rush to find somewhere to rent.

Why are you moving to Wales? 

TA: Up until now we’ve been renting land as it has taken us three years to find anything suitable. Everything I’ve gone for has either been withdrawn, outbid or sold before viewing. 

On the positive side, these years have been a blessing as far as the New Haven Project is concerned, as it’s meant I’ve been able to build up a not-for-profit business to help fund the animals. I've never wanted to rely on donations but would much prefer to give people something for their money. As time’s gone on, I've become a little obsessed with trying to make the best and most ethical items to encourage people to improve their shopping habits. This ethos is a big part of who I am now and what I believe in. 

When we finally found some land to settle on, in Wales, it was like a dream come true. It has been a frantic rush to move here, and we have no water or power yet, but the animals are settled and happy so that’s what really matters.

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“I've become a little obsessed with trying to make the best and most ethical items to encourage people to improve their shopping habits”

Who are the animals? 

TA: We’ve got several sheep. We found Cassie as a tiny little lamb, with her dead mother, so we bottle fed her ourselves. She has her own Facebook page now – Cassie the Lamb, and she’s doing really well.  

Rowan and Ash were sold as day old lambs to some lads living in a flat who wanted to dress them up and put pictures of them on Facebook. Within days they were trying to get rid of them. Someone rushed to help but couldn’t cope, so they brought them down to me. The lambs were both very poorly and the vet became a regular visitor of ours, but both are wonderful now. 

Little Madge is a lamb who found us. One day we thought a dog was bashing at the fence, trying to get in, but it was her. She wasn’t tagged or marked with any identification and we searched all the fields around for other sheep, but we couldn’t find any. The little love was meant to find our family and now we can’t imagine being without her. 

We also have two rescued horses, three dogs and a cat who also chose us as hers. We love all our animals so much and try our best to give them the life that they deserve. 

How can readers support you? 

TA: People can support us by purchasing our products or finding out more information here

Georgina Wilson-Powell 3 October 2019

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