Click like for the new Facebook for charities

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Click like for the new Facebook for charities


Did you know 1.5% of charity organisations get 70% of donations?

New digital platform, whatCharity looks to level the playing field, reconnecting individuals who want to donate with a range of charities that match their interest and transparent information on the impact of every donation.

Think Facebook meets Tinder for charities.

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Thu 15 Mar 2018

whatCharity looks to revolutionise charities’ digital presence through an online platform with easy to use profile templates and shareable digital content. 

Charities can deliver clear and comparable information on what they do and the impact that their work creates, through structured profiles in which they present their mission, projects, location details, as well as their needs regarding any donations, volunteering, special skills, trustees, goods and services. 

But as well as connecting donors with causes and charities, whatCharity also shines a light on how charities operate and where your hard earned cash really goes.

£23bn is given to charitable causes as money donations, legacies and grants each year. whatCharity's tech platform enables an increased level of transparency and will assist in making fundraising more efficient. also confronts the decline of volunteering, utilising the fact that 30% of London-based employees would volunteer more if they had better access to charities and could find more local opportunities more easily

The whole platform acts as a hub for all things charitable, which given the complex and sprawling nature of charity work, is a bit of a miracle.

What charity launch website

From May whatCharity will be creating profiles for every charity in England & Wales

The national charity upload process will start in May and eventually all England and Wales' charities will be represented on the site. 

“Our launch product is just the beginning of an ecosystem we aim to build where individuals, companies and charities can make the change together – more effectively and in more rewarding way.  We focus on the impact, which is the point of all charitable deeds and many times forgotten when it comes to requests from one-click donation sites," explains 

Tiia Sammallahti, CEO and Founder of whatCharity

“For us the impact of charities is twofold. It is the impact on the beneficiaries and the change you help make.  It is also those spill-over effects which heals, empowers, improves our society as many charitable activities bring people together, increase empathy and inclusiveness and improve health.”

David Elliot, CEO, Trees for Cities, says: “As the only charity specialising in planting urban trees across the UK and internationally, we engage community members, volunteers and businesses to enable us to transform and green our cities. 

Thanks to WhatCharity, we have an incredible opportunity to build relationships with even more people and organisations through an interactive and accessible interface. The platform will allow us to communicate our impact and generate the resources we need to continue making a lasting difference to our urban spaces and the communities that live in them.”