What’s food waste app Olio doing now?

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What’s food waste app Olio doing now?


Sharing is caring. Revolutionary food waste app Olio has gone one better. Users can now donate directly to food waste charities Feedback and Fareshare through the app.

Alice Pritchard

Wed 21 Jun 2017

Olio highlights surplus food at an individual and company level and connects cafes and stores to individuals who want to pick up cheap meals. The app proves that food waste can be tackled at every level of the food chain and helps to make a dent in the £13bn of edible food we bin in the UK every year.

Also other things can now be added to the app for people to come and pick up such as homewares, cleaning products and so on.

FareShare give quality surplus food to almost 7,000 charities. For every 25p donated they can redistribute enough food to a frontline charity to give someone a meal

OLIO Co-Founder Saasha Celestial-One commented: ‘This is an exciting next step in our journey as we find new ways to encourage people to share their surplus food. By teaming up with Feedback and FareShare we are now making it even more meaningful for our users to share their spare and work to tackle the problem of food waste at scale.’

So how do you use OLIO?

Got food left over? Upload a pic to the food sharing app with a description and when it’s available and people nearby can see it and come and pick it up via private messages. Can’t meet up? There are also drop boxes available in local stores where food can be left for a pick up.

Not sure it’s that big a problem? Quick food waste fact - this issue is the third largest source of greenhouse gas emissions after China and the USA.