Why LUSH wants to give you free coffee

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Why LUSH wants to give you free coffee


While there maybe no such thing as a free lunch, there is such a thing as free coffee as LUSH open a pop up cafe to highlight coffee cup waste. So how do you get your free cuppa?

Georgina Wilson-Powell

Mon 13 Aug 2018

Running for four weeks from Tuesday 14 August, LUSH's #carrythecup pop up vegan cafe in Soho will give away free coffee to anyone who pops in with a reusable cup.

The venture is a collaboration with Change Please, a social enterprise who train homeless people to become coffee barista, it serves up a superb, award-winning brew. LUSH want to highlight the huge way to go we have on coffee cup waste - the UK gets thorough 500,000 disposable cups a day and only 1% are currently recycled.

Have you got your cup? Click here for how to put your out and about zero waste kit together.

LUSH coffee shop in London
LUSH wants to give you free coffee

Image LUSH is starting to use recycled coffee cups for packaging and has limited edition reusable cups for sale

As well as calling in for a free cuppa, the cafe will be full of inspiring positive action ideas you can take away to help think about how you can reduce your waste.

Visitors to the shop will also be able to purchase one of 500 limited edition LUSH reusable coffee cups (£12.00 each), which are made from six used cups. As is LUSH's Bath Oil Box, which is also made from recycled coffee cups (read more about those here).

Find the #carrythecup pop up vegan cafe at LUSH Soho Studio on Beak Street, London. It is open on weekdays from 7am-3pm until 7 September.